Jonas Ranstam

Statistical consultant


The computational services provided by Mdas AB are primarily performed using Stata and R, but data can be transferred to Mdas AB in most commonly used formats, such as text, CSV, XLS, SAS, SPSS, and SYSTAT.

– Statistical work

Hourly fee for statistical work, e.g. statistical analysis, sample size calculation, figure production, statistical programming, data conversion, data management, development of statistical analysis plans or expert opinion reports. Fixed price agreements can be arranged. Send an email request for more information to


– Statistical review

Confidential statistical reviewing of a medical scientific manuscript, grant application, or similar document. Send the document to be reviewed to The review comments and a signed review statement will be mailed back to the email person requesting the review.


–  Lecture

Presentation of an educational lecture or seminar. Costs in accordance with a special agreement. Email queries to