Jonas Ranstam PhD

Mdas AB

Mdas AB is a Swedish limited company founded and directed by Jonas Ranstam and providing statistical expertise on a consulting basis worldwide.


Address: Mdas AB, c/o Jonas Ranstam, Rotfruktsgatan 12B, SE21754 Ystad, Sweden
Telephone: +46 723 169595
PGP: Public key

Company information

Registration No.: 556678-3782
VAT No.: SE556678378201
EORI No.: SE5566783782
GLN: 7300009063000
Bank giro: 5663-7218
IBAN: SE8412000000012190134242
Invoicing: PS Inkasso & Juridik AB
Accounting: CLR AB

'Stamped' documents

Mdas AB registers the original SHA256 checksum of 'stamped' electronic documents and data files in order to enable later verification of their authenticity. These files are given an id consisting of six letters or numbers added to their filename. The filename can be changed, but the id of the file must be retained. To retrieve the original checksum, send an email with the file id as the first line, in the body of the email, to The original checksum will be automatically returned within a few minutes. The files's current SHA256 checksum can be found here. Changes to a document alters it checksum. If the original and current checksums are identical, the file has not been changed.

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